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EURA Abrasivos

Leading company in the market with more than 50 years of experience and 3 generations of professionals dedicated to the production of abrasives and diamond tools for the polishing, calibrating and squaring of the ceramic, natural stones and quartz agglomerate.

A prestigious company that has a wide presence in the global market in its areas of specialization. We have two plants, one in Barcelona, Spain with more than 8.000 m2 of modern facilities. That allows a great production capacity to supply our product fast and efficiently around the world with the maximum quality.

In the sixties Eura started the manufacturing of abrasives to polish Terrazo and marble becoming the first company dedicated to this activity in Spain. In a short time Eura developed the range of abrasives to polish also granite. Today Eura not only produces abrasives to polish Terrazo, Marble and Granite but also ceramic, Quartz Agglomerates and slate having develop specific abrasives for that purpose.

Nowadays Eura is a second generation company managed by Mr Vicente Pina Gómez, descendent of the founder. The third generation has also been incorporated to the company to assure and continue with the task started . During all these years the company has achieve to create a human and technical team which allows Eura to offer its customers the best quality products.

Eura has achieved to be the leader supplier in the Spain market and has presence in many foreign markets, offering the whole range of abrasives from metal diamond, resin diamond, and traditional magnesite and resin abrasives.